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Product Category Product Features AWS Azure Google Cloud
Application Development Build and Deploy Scalable Apps AWS Elastic Beanstalk Azure Web Apps App Engine
Application Development Develop and Deploy Mobile Apps AWS Amplify Azure Mobile Apps Firerbase
DevOps CI/CD Pipeline AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy Azure Pipelines Cloud Build, Google Cloud Deploy
DevOps Private Source Control Repository AWS CodeCommit Azure Repos Cloud Source Repositories
DevOps Artifacts and Package management (maven, npm.. packages) AWS CodeArtifact Azure Artifacts Artifact Registry
DevOps Infrastructure as code AWS CloudFormation Azure Automation Cloud Deployment Manager
DevOps SDK and library for managing cloud resources AWS Command Line Interface Azure CLI Cloud SDK
MLOps ML pipeline and workflows Amazon SageMaker for MLOps, MLOps Workload Orchestrator Machine learning operations Kubeflow Pipelines, Tensorflow Extended
Blockchain Blockchain Ledger Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) Azure confidential ledger Custom setup or through Google Cloud Marketplace
Blockchain Blockchain Implementation Amazon Managed Blockchain Custom setup or through Azure Marketplace Custom setup or through Google Cloud Marketplace
Internet of Things Internet of Things Platform AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management Azure IoT Hub,Azure Event Hubs Cloud IoT Core
Internet of Things Internet of Things at Edge AWS IoT Greengrass Azure IoT Edge Edge TPU
Internet of Things Digital Twins AWS IoT TwinMaker Azure Digital Twins Supply Chain Twin and Pulse
Internet of Things Real-time Streaming and Events Management AWS IoT Events, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Azure Stream Analytics Pub/Sub, Dataflow
Internet of Things Storage Choices for IoT Data DynamoDB , AWS IoT Analytics Cosmos DB, Azure Time Series Insights Cloud Bigtable, BigQuery
Database NoSQL Database (key,value) Amazon DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB Cloud Bigtable
Database NoSQL Document database Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Table storage Firestore, Firebase Realtime Database
Database NoSQL Graph database Amazon Neptune Azure Cosmos DB Graph (Gremlin API), Azure SQL Database 2017 (Graph features) JanusGraph with Bigtable
Database RDBMS Amazon RDS ( MySQL, PostgreSQL,SQL Server, Oracle), Amazon Aurora Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure SQL Database, Oracle Database Image for Azure VM Cloud SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server), Bare Metal Solution for Oracle,AlloyDB for PostgreSQL
Database Globally distributed horizontal scalable SQL database (features like geo-replication and horizontal scaling differs across cloud vendors) Amazon Aurora Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Hyperscale (Citus), Azure Cosmos DB Cloud Spanner
Database In-Memory data store Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon MemoryDB for Redis Azure Cache for Redis Memorystore
Data warehouse Scalable data warehouse over petabytes of data Amazon Redshift Azure Synapse Analytics BigQuery
Messaging Messaging platform Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon MQ Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grid Cloud Pub/Sub
Analytics Managed open-source data and analytics platform Amazon Elastic MapReduce Azure HDInsight, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks Dataproc
Analytics Stream and batch data ingestion and processing Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow
Analytics Extract, Transform, and Load AWS Glue, Amazon AppFlow, Amazon Data Pipeline Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics Cloud Data Fusion
Analytics Query Big Data Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Amazon OpenSearch Service SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Synapse Analytics BigQuery
Analytics Data catalog and management AWS Glue Data Catalog, Lake Formation Data Catalog Azure Purview Data Catalog
Analytics Data preparation for ML and other analytics services Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler Azure Data Factory Dataprep by Trifecta
Analytics Workflow Orchestration AWS Step Functions, Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow, AWS Glue Azure Logic Apps, Azure Data Factory Workflows, Cloud Composer
Analytics Data Lake Storage AWS Lake Formation Azure Data Lake Storage BigLake
Analytics Managed Search Amazon Kendra, Amazon CloudSearch Azure Cognitive Search Cloud Search
Analytics Business intelligence and visualization Amazon QuickSight Azure PowerBI Looker
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ML Platform Amazon SageMaker Azure AI Platform Vertex AI
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Computer Vision service Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lookout for Vision Azure Cognitive Services Computer Vision, Azure Video Indexer Vision AI, Video Intelligence API
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Automated machine learning models Amazon SageMaker Autopilot Azure ML - Automated Machine Learning Vertex AI AutoML
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Common open source ML support and integration TensorFlow on Amazon SageMaker, PyTorch on Amazon SageMaker, Apache MXNet on Amazon SageMaker TensorFlow on Azure Databricks, PyTorch Enterprise on Azure, ML.NET TensorFlow Enterprise, PyTorch on Vertex AI, scikit-learn on VertexAI
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Natural language processing service Amazon Comprehend Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics Natural Language AI
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Speech to Text Amazon Transcribe Azure Cognitive Services Speech to Text Speech-to-Text
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Text to Speech Amazon Polly Azure Cognitive Services Text to Speech Text-to-Speech
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Language Translation Amazon Translate Azure Cognitive Services Translator Cloud Translation
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conversation Service / Chatbots Amazon Lex Azure Bot Service Dialogflow
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Extract Text and Data from Documents Amazon Textract Azure Form Recognizer Document AI
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Recommendations and Personalization service Amazon Personalize Azure Cognitive Services Personalizer Recommendations AI
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Infrastructure and Containers for ML AWS Inferentia, AWS Trainium, EC2 GPUs, AWS Deep Learning AMIs,AWS Deep Learning Containers Azure ML – FPGA, GPU support on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Data Science Virtual Machines Cloud TPU, Cloud GPUs, Deep Learning Containers,Deep Learning VM Image
API Management API Management Amazon API Gateway Azure API Management API Gateway, Apigee API Management
Mobile and Application testing Testing infrastructure AWS Device Farm Azure App Center Firebase Test Lab
Serverless Serverless compute functions AWS Lambda Azure Functions Cloud Functions
Serverless Serverless compute for containers AWS Fargate, AWS App Runner Azure Container Instances Cloud Run
Serverless App/Mobile - Messaging and Notification Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon Device Messaging (ADM), Azure Notification Hubs Firebase Cloud Messaging, Firebase In-App Messaging
Serverless Deploy web and Mobile Apps AWS Elastic Beanstalk Azure App Service App Engine
Serverless Serverless Orchestration/workflow AWS Step Functions Azure Logic Apps Workflows
Serverless Serverless RDBMS Amazon Aurora Serverless Azure SQL Database serverless None
Serverless Serverless Data warehouse Amazon Redshift Serverless Azure Synapse Analytics BigQuery
Serverless NoSQL database AWS DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB serverless Firestore
Serverless Build event-driven applications Amazon EventBridge Azure Event Grid Eventarc
Containers Managed container platform Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Container Service Azure Kubernetes Service Google Kubernetes Engine
Containers Container registry Amazon Elastic Container Registry Azure Container Registry Artifact Registry
Containers Serverless compute for containers AWS Fargate, AWS App Runner Azure Container Instances Cloud Run
Containers Container on multiple environments (VMWare, On-premises, Bare metal) and Multi-Cloud Amazon EKS Anywhere (Currently Amazon EKS on VMware only) Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI (currently Azure Kubernetes Service on on-premises only) Anthos Clusters (GKE Clusters on AWS, GKE Clusters on Azure, GKE Clusters on VMWare and GKE Clusters on Bare metal)
Containers Backup for container environments Custom solution (using open source tools like Velero) Azure Backup Backup for GKE
Compute Core Virtual Machines Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) Azure Virtual Machines Compute Engine
Compute High-performance GPUs Virtual Machines Amazon Elastic Compute GPU GPU Optimized VMs Cloud GPUs
Compute Specialized ML VMs AWS UltraClusters, AWS Trainium, AWS Inferentia Azure ML FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) Cloud TPU
Compute Interruptible Virtual Machines Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Spot instance Azure Spot Virtual Machines Spot VMs
Compute Dedicated server hosting Dedicated Instances Azure Dedicated Host Sole-tenant nodes
Compute Secured and Trusted VMs AWS Nitro System Azure DCsv2-Series VMs Shielded VMs
Compute VMWare integration VMware Cloud on AWS Azure VMware Solution Google Cloud VMware Engine
Compute Migrate Virtual Machines (on-premises or cloud VMs) to required Cloud AWS Application Migration Service Azure Migrate Migrate for Compute Engine
Compute Quantum computing Amazon Braket Azure Quantum Google Quantum AI
Compute Auto scaling Virtual Machines AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Azure Autoscale Managed instance groups
Networking Protect against web attacks AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) Cloud Armor
Networking Network Address Translation NAT gateways Azure NAT Cloud NAT
Networking Content Delivery Network Amazon CloudFront Azure Content Delivery Network Cloud CDN
Networking Domain Name Registration and Configuration Amazon Route 53 Azure DNS Cloud DNS
Networking Load Balancer for VMs AWS Elastic Load Balancing Azure Load Balancing Cloud LoadBalancing
Networking Core virtual networking environment Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Azure Virtual Network Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Networking Service Mesh AWS App Mesh Service Fabric managed cluster, Azure Front Door Traffic Director
Networking Network optimization (low latency service) AWS Global Accelerator Accelerated Networking Premium networking
Networking Publish and discover cloud services AWS Cloud Map None Service Directory
Networking Connect your on-premises network and devices to cloud AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Azure VPN Gateway Cloud VPN
Networking Cloud router for VPCs (single hub) AWS Transit Gateway Azure VPN gateway Global VPC (Shared VPC), Cloud Router
Networking Private network connectivity from on-premises network to Cloud AWS Direct Connect Azure ExpressRoute Cloud Interconnect
Networking Single global network connectivity management for cloud and on-premises Amazon CloudWAN Azure Virtual WAN Network Connectivity Center
Networking Firewall AWS Network Firewall Azure Firewall VPC firewall (rules and policy)
Storage Object storage AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) Azure Blob Storage Cloud Storage
Storage File storage Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Azure Files FileStore
Storage Block storage Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Azure managed disks Persistent Disk, Local SSD
Storage Migration service from on-premises to cloud AWS Storage Gateway Azure Migrate Storage Transfer Service
Storage Migration service from on-premises to cloud (using hardware appliance) AWS Snowball Azure Data Box Transfer Appliance
Storage Archival storage for long term / low cost / infrequent access storage Amazon S3 Glacier Azure Archive Storage Cloud Storage Archive
Storage Central Backup and recovery AWS Backup Azure Backup ( and Azure Site Recovery for recovery) Backup and DR Service
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Hybrid and On-premises Amazon ECS Anywhere, Amazon EKS Anywhere, AWS Outposts Azure Arc Anthos
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Multi-Cloud support None Azure Arc (Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes) Anthos (Anthos Clusters on AWS and Azure)
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Serverless on Multi-Cloud None None Cloud Run for Anthos
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Service Mesh on Multi-Cloud None Azure Arc-enabled Open Service Mesh (Preview), Azure Policy for Kubernetes clusters Anthos Service Mesh (Supported on AWS and Azure)
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Migrate to Containers AWS App2Container Azure Migrate: App Containerization tool Migrate for Anthos
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud GitOps - Central Config and Policy Management EKS with Flux Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes cluster with Flux Anthos Config Management
Sustainability Carbon Footprint dashboard Customer Carbon Footprint Tool Emissions Impact Dashboard Carbon Footprint
Management and Operations Log management Amazon CloudWatch Logs Azure Monitor Logs Cloud Logging
Management and Operations Audit management AWS CloudTrail Azure Activity log Cloud Audit Logs
Management and Operations Monitoring and setup alerts Amazon CloudWatch Azure Monitor Cloud Monitoring
Management and Operations Tracing and identifying application performance issues AWS X-Ray Azure Application Insights Cloud Trace
Management and Operations Debug applications AWS X-Ray Azure Application Insights Cloud Debugger
Management and Operations Certificate management AWS Certificate Manager Azure Active Directory Certificate Services Certificate Authority Service
Management and Operations Cloud Dashboard Management Console Microsoft Azure portal Cloud Console
Management and Operations Data governance Custom using AWS services, Amazon Macie Microsoft Purview Dataplex
Management and Operations Code profiler and recommendations Amazon CodeGuru Profiler Azure Application Insights Profiler Cloud Profiler
Management and Operations Managed open source monitoring service Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus Container insights (with Prometheus integration) Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus
Management and Operations Managed open source metrics, logs and visualization platform Amazon Managed Grafana Grafana by Grafana Labs (via Azure marketplace) Grafana Cloud by Grafana Labs (via GCP marketplace)
Management and Operations Browser accessible shell for resource management AWS CloudShell Cloud Shell Cloud Shell
Management and Operations Command line tool and library for resource management AWS CLI Azure CLI Cloud SDK
Management and Operations Billing and Cost management AWS Billing and Cost Management Azure Cost Management and Billing
Security, Identity and Access Core Identity and Access management service AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure Identity Management Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Security, Identity and Access Identify management service for applications Amazon Cognito Azure Active Directory B2C Identity Platform
Security, Identity and Access Data loss prevention (DLP) Amazon Macie Azure Information Protection Cloud Data Loss Prevention
Security, Identity and Access Managed Active Directory Service AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Azure Active Directory (AD) Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory
Security, Identity and Access Zero Trust Security Zero Trust on AWS (various AWS services and design principles) Azure AD Conditional Access BeyondCorp Enterprise
Security, Identity and Access Identify cloud security risks Amazon Detective Microsoft Defender for Cloud Risk Protection Program (Preview)
Security, Identity and Access Threat Detection Amazon GuardDuty Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Security Command Center: Threat Detection and Threat Prevention
Security, Identity and Access Create and manage cryptographic keys AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Azure Key Vault Cloud Key Management Service, Secret Manager
Security, Identity and Access Encrypt data in use (Confidential Computing) AWS Nitro System (AWS Nitro Enclaves) Azure Confidential Computing Confidential Computing
Security, Identity and Access Hardware security module for storing keys/cryptographic AWS CloudHSM Azure Dedicated HSM Cloud HSM
Augmented reality (AR) / Virtual reality (VR) Create AR/VR applications Amazon Sumerian Azure Remote Rendering ARCore
Desktop Environment Cloud-based desktop environment for development Amazon WorkSpaces Azure Virtual Desktop Cloud Workstations
Earth Observation Data Environmental Data platform (APIs, geospatial dataset) Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative Planetary Computing Google Earth
Generative AI Build Generative AI Applications Amazon Bedrock Azure OpenAI Service Generative AI Studio on Vertex AI,Generative AI App Builder
Generative AI AI Code Assist Amazon CodeWhisperer Azure OpenAI Service Duet AI for Google Cloud